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With twenty plus years of experience and
over 4,000 traffic ticket cases handled, our
clients traffic tickets are almost always either
, dismissed with a fine or reduced
to a non moving violation which will not appear
on their driver's license

Beaumont, Texas
Traffic Ticket Defense

Traffic ticket lawyers Owsley & Associates are dedicated to defending people accused of traffic tickets, speeding tickets, hit and run investigations, DMV license suspension or revocation proceedings, DWI's, driving while license suspended, all CDL violations and other municipal and state cases.

Telephone and Internet consultations are always FREE with no obligation.
I will provide to you an immediate
FREE quote for your consideration.

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One thing that is very important that we do, and very few other attorneys will, is to APPEAL your case to county court if we do not get what we want in the Justice of the Peace or Municipal Court. We simply won't accept defeat and will take the additional steps of filing your appeal bond and fighting for you in County Court. Also there is no additional charge.

We will fight to get your ticket dismissed and make sure it does not go on your driving record and increase your insurance rates.

We help our Beaumont, Texas traffic ticket clients avoid auto insurance premium increases, missed work, and travel expenses since they almost always don't have to go to court themselves.

Our clients Beaumont, Texas traffic tickets are almost always either dismissed, dismissed with a fee or reduced to a non moving violation which will not appear on the client's driver license record.

Once we can view the details and circumstance of your traffic summons we will be able to give you the best available options in fighting your Beaumont, Texas traffic ticket.

Traffic ticket attorneys Owsley & Associates provide you with high quality and affordable traffic ticket defense representation. We defend all persons accused of all types of traffic offenses in most courts in Texas including Beaumont Municipal Court and Beaumont Justice of the Peace.

In most traffic ticket violation cases, there is no need for meetings at our offices and usually no need for you to appear in court for your hearing. Simply call Owsley & Associates at 713-275-6900 or use the contact form on this website to submit your Beaumont, Texas traffic ticket information.

We do all the work and appear on your behalf. It's that simple.

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I had excellent representation from Shawn. He returned my call on a Sunday to earn my business, handled an issue other attorney's would not, all for an excellent price.
- John Beaumont, TX

Great people! They really are good at what they do and welling to work with you. I'm very satisfied with my experience and would recommend them to anyone. - Jake P.

"I couldn't find a lawer to take my case because no one would operate in Crockett County. I found Owsley & Associates online. They quickly replied to my inquiry, assessed my situation and we discussed a plan that was straightforward, realistic and well within my budget. I couldn't have asked for better service. I would recommend Owsley & Associates to anyone". Benny T. - New York, NY